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Tips to help you through the holidays!
Clearing Negative Energy
Today is a new day!
Here we go into Mercury Retrograde again!


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Tips to help you through the holidays!

  During this holiday season it is important to stay healthy and balanced. Being in the middle of family, buying gifts, decorating, baking and rushing around can be hectic and a big drain on your energy. So what can you do to boost your immune and keep the stress at bay???

*Prioritize your schedule and realize your are NOT superwoman!
*Delegate food prep, running errands and wrapping gifts, and definitely invite help from everybody on your team.
*Find time for YOURSELF. Even 10 minutes a day will allow you time to regroup and de-stress away from all the activity! 
*Meditation, yoga, massage, reading and writing will help you to stay centered and balanced.
*Use immune boosting herbs and oils to keep viruses and ill health at bay.
*Realize this too shall pass, and go with the flow! 

Clearing Negative Energy

Lets talk spirit/entity release and energy guidance. I have clients/homes/businesses/animals that have picked up dysfunctional energies such as spirits, ghosts, paranormal interference, or radiating negative energy from other sources. Maybe you have circumstances that happen that are out of the ordinary or emotions that aren't yours. Since we are dealing with things in purely energy forms we are able to change and disperse these energies from the physical area it occupies. This can be accomplished in person or remotely by tapping in to the energy frequency of the interfering energy and then guiding the energy to another location or source. If you have experienced or think you may have something similar occurring, I urge you to contact me and get the help you need to restore and release yourself or your environment of negative interference.


Today is a new day!

Today is a new day! What can you do to make your time here on earth a better experience, more fulfilling, enhancing your life? Is there some negativity in your life? What can you change?
It is never too late to be a better person! To surround yourself with the positive and let go of the rest! Just one small step to improvement will have a ripple effect out into the universe and bring you closer to that better life!!  #inspiration

Here we go into Mercury Retrograde again!

Welcome Mercury Retrograde!
Embrace this time from April 28th to May 22nd as a time to go within, grow and become more aware of  our inner world. Embrace change and welcome the light. Although communication can be challenging at this time, check and recheck schedules and messages, Back up computers and expect the unexpected...
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