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Are YOU experiencing depression, sadness, frustration, health problems, stagnation, blockages, feeling unfocused or unbalanced, anxiety, toxicity, experiencing unhealthy relationships, insecurity or pain in your life?

DO you want to change your life? Experience an improved balance in Your mind, body and spirit, happy, healthy relationships, a positive outlook on life, personal growth and renewed energy?
Karen Baker HHCP, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
Medical Intuitive
Cht, Ldt, Cdp, AAP, LMT, Reiki Master

With over 30 years in the health field, Karen has an extensive background in the natural and medical health fields including an AOS in Holistic Healthcare, with many certifications and extensive education in energy repatterning and clearing, medical intuitive development,  human anatomy and physiology, chakra balancing, Reiki  master, hypnosis, past life regression, life, soul, personal and business counseling.
Every disease, pain and restriction in the body has BOTH a physical and energetic or emotional source. It is important to address all aspects of stagnation, congestion and emotional blockages in the body to allow the body to heal itself. 

Karen is committed to assisting you to achieve balance in all aspects of your life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Helping you with  removing and repatterning triggers, blocks and barriers in a safe, secure,  non-judgemental atmosphere with compassion, patience, support and empathy. Thus helping you to achieve a positive, fulfilling life with health, happiness and inner peace. 

 *Energy Repatterning  involves connecting on a deep personal and interpersonal level to identify negative or restrictive triggers or tags, blocks and barriers stemming from experiences in this life, possible inherited negative patterns from your parents, or even past life traumas and challenges. 
 This is where the energetic clearing and repatterning can help reprogram and realign these energy cells, helping to encourage the release of these epigenetic blocks, past life, and present life trauma and clear your cells of toxic energy to accelerate healing at a deeper level and bring balance to your physical, mental and spiritual life.
 Repatterning can help clear negative restrictions and release the patterns causing disease, pain and dysfunction..

*Life/Soul Counseling is guidance for greater SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT in your life, including a deepening of awareness and inner focus at a spiritual and conscious level. This is where the decisions we make effect our approach in how we experience the purpose, meaning and quality of life . And it is through this counseling we can change our life to enhance our true life and soul purpose . We are more then human, spirit plays a huge role in how we experience and approach life decisions.

*Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art developed back in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Through the use of universal life energy, this relaxing hands on technique promotes stress reduction and healing by balancing, harmonizing and clearing the chakras in the body.

*Hypnotherapy is designed to effectively change past or present negative behavioral patterns connected with addictions, pain, emotions, stress, and trauma. 
-Weight/Nutrition management
-Confidence/Self Esteem                                                    - Stress reduction
-Pain management                                                               - Fears and Phobias
-Anxiety                                                                               - Addictions
-Past life and regression therapy                                          -Medical issues
- Relationship issues                                                             -Emotional imbalances

Emphasis is on application of suggestions to eliminate the subconscious programming and release negative blocks that are getting in the way of achieving your total health, happiness and inner .  

*Remote/Distance Healing  taps into the energy field of the client and using the sixth sense, gifts of intuition, and spiritual guidance, anatomy and physiology knowledge, can then see, know and operate within the energetic field, shifting and eliminating imbalances, programs, blocks and interferences and then channeling healing energy from the divine to clear and reset your blueprint.

Distant or remote healing is an ancient healing modality.  In activating these innate human gifts, at energetic frequencies, internal empowerment mechanisms within the body of both healer and recipient are activated and aligned, causing distant, remote or non-local healing processes and repatterning to transpire.

  • Energy Repatterning/Healing and Chakra balancing(Phone and Long distance consultation/sessions available)
  • Life and Soul Counseling(Phone and Long distance consultation/sessions available)
  • Transpersonal/ Somatic Therapy (Phone and Long distance consultation/sessions available)
  • Hypnotherapy(Phone and Long distance consultation/sessions available)
  • Home energy Clearing/Cleansing/Smudging
  • Reiki (Reiki Master energy healer)
  • Remote/Distance Healing
  • Treating animals, children, and adults
  • Home Blessings and Clearings
  • Group sessions/onsite or remote bookings
  • Public Speaker
  • Workshops
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